What will I be doing on the day?

The Boss’ Blind Date challenge will start when you don your blindfold and adjust to your lack of vision. As well as completing as much of your normal work as practical, your challenge will be to complete additional activities throughout the day while blindfolded (outlined in your official Boss’ Blind Date Welcome Pack). The difficulties you will encounter while carrying out these simple everyday tasks in complete darkness will provide you with unique insight into what it is like to navigate your world with little or no vision.

At the end of your four-hour challenge, it will be time to take off your blindfold and spend some time readjusting to life with vision and reflecting on your experience throughout the day. This will leave you with time to complete any remaining work tasks.

How will I raise funds for Guide Dogs?

Register here and create your own personalised fundraising page to facilitate donations from your supporters. You will then engage with friends, family, business contacts and work colleagues about Boss’ Blind Date and the difference their donations will make to the lives of people who are blind or vision impaired. To make this easier, we have developed some templates for you to use and adapt when you are approaching your contacts to support you. The more money you raise, the more impact you will make to the lives of South Australians living with vision impairment. 

We also recommend you make use of social media to spread the word in the lead up and on the day of the challenge. You can follow Guide Dogs SA/NT on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to share inspirational posts, tag @guidedogssant in your posts and use the hashtag #bossblinddate when posting your best blindfold selfies!

Will I receive training?

Absolutely! You will be asked to nominate someone to be your Boss’ Blind Date guide (preferably a colleague), who will help you on the day of the challenge. We recommend you choose someone who knows you and your workplace well. You will have access to our online tutorial video and resources to instruct you on how to safely navigate your world while blindfolded (it is very important that your guide also watches the video to ensure they are comfortable supporting you and keeping you safe on the day). We will also run two in-person training sessions if you have any additional questions or would like further support.

Will I be able to remove my blindfold if I need a break?

We strongly encourage you to keep the blindfold on for the entire challenge. This will enhance your experience and enable you to meet all challenges in good faith. If you feel unwell or unsafe, communicate this to your Boss’ Blind Date guide, remove your blindfold in a dark room and allow time to adjust your vision and balance.

What happens if I feel unsafe?

You will not be left on your own. Your Boss’ Blind Date guide should be with you at all times.

How will I adjust safely back to being ‘sighted’ at the end of the day?

Remove your blindfold in a dark room, and spend some time adjusting your vision and balance. This is important – please ensure you take this time slowly and reflect on your experience throughout the day.

How will I be able to complete the challenges blindfolded?

The set activities for you to complete are designed to be challenging, but achievable. To assist you with these challenges, for each fundraising milestone you hit, you will unlock assistive devices to help you throughout your day. This will include some of the adaptive aids that Guide Dogs provide to people with low vision or vision loss to help them complete their daily activities. The more you raise, the more devices you will receive!  

How can I engage my colleagues?

As we mentioned, we have provided you with templates to send out to your colleagues letting them know all about how they can support you in completing the Boss’ Blind Date challenge. One great idea is to present at a staff meeting in the lead up to the challenge or on the day, to get your staff on board and enthusiastic. Another way to engage your colleagues is by asking them to suggest tailored challenges for you to complete in addition to the set challenges.