Evelyn O'Loughlin

Boss Blind Date 2019

I’m taking on the Boss’ Blind Date challenge

Hi, I’m Evelyn O’Loughlin, CEO of Volunteering SA&NT and I am taking on the Boss’ Blind Date challenge to raise awareness and much needed funds for Guide Dogs SA/NT.

By spending just one working day in the darkness on 29 March 2019, I’ll be helping people living with vision loss.

And that’s where you come into play. I’d like to ask for your support as I take on a range of tasks, such us catching public transport, going out for lunch and tackling everyday tasks in the office – whilst blindfolded.

This is the second year that I’ve participated in Boss’ Blind Date and it is challenging to get through just one day – but for the thousands of people who are blind or vision impaired, these challenges are faced on a daily basis.

Guide Dogs SA/NT do a fantastic job delivering life-changing services to these people, providing them with safety, independence and freedom. However, these services come at a cost and the demand is growing.

Did you know it costs over $35,000 to breed and train a Guide Dog puppy?

All money raised through this fundraiser will ensure that Guide Dogs SA/NT continue to change lives.

No matter how much you can spare, it all goes a long way in supporting this great charity.

Thank you, Evelyn

Thank you to my Sponsors


Jan Sutherland

Well done Evelyn, This is another example of our great contribution to the community. Regards. Jan


Quentin Jones


Miriam Silva

Great cause Evelyn - well done!!


Michelle Ingrames

Congrats on the level of fundraising you have achieved. Good luck with your Blind date


Evelyn O'loughlin


Simon Bennett


Ann-marie Chamberlain

Great cause Evelyn. Good luck.


Kristen Martins

Good luck Evelyn!! Well done x


Peter Devereux

Putting ourselves in others shoes is the absolute best way to understand and learn from first hand their inspirational skills, tenacity, patience and resilience in the face of adversity. Volunteering is a great medium for this exchange at home and abroad. Thanks for taking us with you on the challenge Evelyn


Janet Stone

Good luck Evelyn I'm so pleased you are involved in such a wonderful fundraiser. Guide Dogs SA/NT is a very important service.


Joy Woodhouse

Well done Evelyn!


Kym Della-torre


Nitsia Lionis


Rebecca Amos

Good luck from the Amos Family Evelyn, a very worthy cause!


Janice Bassett

A very worthy cause - good luck Evelyn.


Matthew Wright-simon

A respectable spectacle - look forward to seeing you make it to nightfall :)


Tricia Walton

Good luck with your challenge Evelyn - a thoughtful commitment.


Ella Dawson

Hoping this tips you to your Goal. Excellent cause Evelyn.


Sarah Soteriou

Good luck Evelyn - great cause!


Helena Kyriazopoulos


Dianne Elfes Cline


John Semba

Well done Evelyn, a great effort for a worthy cause... try not to bump into too much :)


Mel White

Had to get you over 4 figures! Great work


Fiona Curnow

Thanks for sharing part of your day and for all of your support leading up to it!



Go girl!


Heidi Unferdorben


Glenys Jones Oam Jp

Great ambassador for everything you do, hope you have a great day being led around SAFELY by Deb, and achoeve your goal.


Olivia Birkett

Good luck Evelyn - I'm sure it will be an enlightening experience and doing so for a great cause


Deb Jones

Love your work Evelyn x


Debbie Haworth

I promise to try hard to be a responsible human guide for the day :)


Christine Shetliffe

What a challenge- - cant think of a better way to experience not having something so vital, which we all take for granted!


Lesley O’loughlin

Hope it all goes well Evie


Sue Rogers

Good luck with your challenges Evelyn


Daniella Nofi

Well done Evelyn for taking up the challenge!


Janet Haydon

Good luck with your challenges.