Lester Wynne-Jones

Boss Blind Date 2019

I’m taking on the Boss’ Blind Date challenge

For one day in March, I will be spending the day in darkness to raise awareness and funds for Guide Dogs SA/NT.

My goal is to raise much needed funds for people living with vision loss, but I can’t do it without you!

I’ll be undertaking a range of daily tasks as well as a challenge. Last years challenge was riding a tandem bike along the Torrens River bank, this year I'm going to attempt to undertake my Personal Training session as well as the daily tasks of getting to the office, going out to get lunch, attending meetings (and VCs) and signing off on documents – all while wearing a blindfold. 

For me, the challenge will be to get through one work day. But for the thousands of people who are blind or vision impaired, these are challenges they face on a daily basis. Guide Dogs SA/NT delivers life-changing services to these people, providing them with safety, independence and freedom.

Providing these services comes at a cost, and the demand for them is growing.  It costs over $35,000 to breed and train a Guide Dog puppy to become an invaluable aid for a person with vision impairment. Boss' Blind Date will help Guide Dogs raise the funds that will allow them to continue changing lives.

My goal is to raise much needed funds to support people living with vision loss and families of children with Autism, but I can’t do it without your help!  Donating is quick and easy with every donation over $2 tax deductible. This also means that if you are a Westpac employee, your donation is eligible for Matching Gifts! You can do this by completing the matching gifts form via the intranet - just search Matching Gifts.

I hope you will help me rise to this challenge, reach my fundraising goal and support Guide Dogs SA/NT to continue providing their vital services?



Thank you to my Sponsors


Katie Harris

Great cause Lester. Good luck


Johan Strauss


Brock Sudaj


Giuseppina Holden

Thankyou Lester good luck you are doing a great job


Raya Zeidan

Best of luck Lester with reaching your $$$ goal. Great cause!


Allana Antezana


Dolly Gamma

Well done Lester, refreshing to see people helping out like this :)


Michelle Neos

Good luck with reaching your goal for such a worthy cause.


Cassie Starick